A Nutriwealth Multi-Purpose Cooperative Project that is perfect for your business needs, from the most affordable, high profitable business and complete water equipment to healthy natural alkaline water, here is the most innnovative water-transforming technology.

AQUALINE rises beyond the traditional and common producers and distributors of water purification systems that offer quality and affordable products and services. We go extra mile by making it personal, providing special insights and assuring quality to our customers. We offer the ultimate convenience by being the reliable, fast growing and competitive alkaline water refilling station.

AQUALINE usesa reliable and effective water purification system that removes the harmful elements in the water but retains the healthy minerals. Our water system is easy to operate and maintain. Water purification technology results in minimal waste water.

AQUALINE “Alkaline Water Refilling Station”, is cooperatively owned by Nutriwealth Multi-Purpose Cooperative shareholders.