Marking another record-breaking milestone, NutriWealth Multi-Purpose Cooperative launched through the Grand Re-opening, last September 28, 2017 its newly acquired LUVER’s Mall, Resort and a Residence Inn, which are all in a 5,000 sqm property, strategically located in Rodriguez, Rizal, where the Wawa Dam and Avilon Zoo are likewise situated.

“One of the biggest breakthrough of the NutriWealth Cooperative is about to happen.  NutriWealth is the very first Philippine cooperative to own and operate a mall.  Within Luver’s Mall is Puregold, which is now in contract lease with NutriWealth Luver’s Mall for 25 years.  And all the glory belongs to our Faithful God who made all these things possible!” said Mr. Jay Galang, a Registered Financial Planner and NutriWealth’s Chairman and Founder.

LUVER stands for Lucila, Luvell, Louis, Verginia, Ernie and Erwin.  Former owners of the LUVER’s property, Mr. and Mrs. Jaime, narrated how it all began – “Before we started a market place in June 2008, our vision and mission was to help elevate the standard of living of our fellow-citizens in Montalban by providing livelihood and business opportunities to the grassroots level in our community and at the same time to serve the market needs of at least 4,000 families residing within the Eastwood Greenview Subdivisions and nearby residential areas.  Six months after the market place was established, this was followed by a Residence Inn and Resort, which were completed in December 2008.”  The purpose of the latter two establishments was to complement the rest and relaxation needs of local tourists visiting the tourist attractions in Montalban, such as the famous Wawa Dam (a gravity dam constructed over the Marikina River in Rodriguez, Rizal) and Avilon Zoo (a 7.5 hectare zoo, which is the largest zoological institution in the Philippines and aims to be one of Southeast Asia’s premiere wildlife facility).

It was in June 2014 when the market place was finally converted into a commercial mall.  Managing a property comprising of a Mall, a Residence Inn and a Resort can be overwhelming – and so the owners searched for a Property Management entity that would reinforce their own vision and mission.  And it was only in March 2017 when the owners were introduced to the NutriWealth Cooperative, seconded by their attendance to NutriWealth’s General Assembly in April 2017.  After seeking further guidance and confirmation from the Lord, the couple who are also “Proud KamayAri” made a powerful statement and said “The Lord told us, it is only NutriWealth who will own this property.”  Thus, without a doubt transferred the full ownership to NutriWealth in July 2017.

by: Evangeline Sawad.



Orlando · November 1, 2017 at 2:37 am

I want to be a member of this cooperative.I have house in Eastwood residences

    admin · December 7, 2017 at 11:12 am

    Hi, this is Lemuel, the IT Manager of Nutriwealth Cooperative. To be part of the cooperative, feel free to add me on Facebook so I can explain it to you in details.

Brian John Marasigan · November 7, 2017 at 7:54 pm

How to invest?

    admin · December 7, 2017 at 11:10 am

    Hi, this is Lemuel, the IT Manager of Nutriwealth Cooperative. To be part of the cooperative, feel free to add me on Facebook.

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